Alta Vista? Judging Conflicts Far Away

(Also) German media are considerably biased and also misled, when they have to report on and interprete e.g. conflicts in far-away lands (Libya, Syria etc.) – because facts are missing, and even more, because the whole structure behind the events there are „foreign“, so stereotypical framing of what is happening there, whose fault it is etc. can easily take place here, including (for the same reason) an often one-dimensional, more or less consonant media coverage of problems, fighting sides etc.

I always try to look behind or besides such only first-sight- coherent picture of „reality“, e.g. following marginalised views, reading foreign press or even official statements of „villain regimes“ (like North Korea), trying to judge myself, making the picture more complete or reality-adequate – while it gets more complicated, often, but not always, as the clear abuse of the UN mandate for Libya by Western states showed: The mandate: protect civilians, was used to, in reality -> wage a bomber war against all state troops till Gaddafi was killed, the land in the hand of the rebels.

Well, here is the UN News Centre with news on main conflicts and with daily bulletin on the state, press releases, News by Topic (Environm. etc.), which might also be such an additional source to be able to more view critically, adequately, informed what seems to go on „over there…“:


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Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht am 23. Februar 2013 von in Aktuell / News, Krieg Frieden, Medien / Komm, Politik, Randbemerkung, Wahr-Nehmungen.
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